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93: Another Look At Resiliency

93: Another Look At Resiliency

Apr 23 2019

This week Colleen Pelar and Julie Fudge Smith continue their discussion of resiliency by looking at caregiver fatigue and how that can relate…

92: Building Resiliency In Your Family Dog

92: Building Resiliency In Your Family Dog

Apr 09 2019

We all know that resiliency is a good thing, but what is it exactly? Colleen Pelar is now focusing her work on…

91: Canine First Aid: What You Need to Know Before There’s an Emergency!

91: Canine First Aid: What You Need to Know Before There’s an Emergency!

Mar 26 2019

Do you know what the three basic vital signs are and how to take them? What’s a quick and easy way to…

90:  Professional Pet Sitting: What You Need To Know To Choose The Right Sitter For Your Pet.

90: Professional Pet Sitting: What You Need To Know To Choose The Right Sitter For Your Pet.

Mar 12 2019

Professional pet sitter Doug Harris, of Luv Pup Pet Sitting and Dog Training, joins Julie Fudge Smith and Colleen Pelar to discuss…

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Julie Fudge Smith

Julie Fudge Smith

Podcast Host

Julie Fudge Smith, CPDT-KA

A lifelong dog lover, Julie has been training dogs professionally since 2003. She got her start at All About Dogs in Woodbridge, VA, which is where she and Colleen met. In 2006, Julie moved to Ohio and started A Positive Connection.

She has a huge soft spot for shy dogs or those who have had a less-than-ideal start on life. Julie’s shared her life with dogs with special needs and knows that with love, empathy, and good training, they can have good lives.

A philosopher at heart, Julie also has a line of cards and other items based on her drawings from a pet’s point of view and her perspective that the world should be a little more animal-centric. Check out Animal-Centric Designs.

When Julie isn’t training dogs, she loves travel, reading, hiking, and spending time with her grandkids. You can check out her training practice and dog blog at

Colleen Pelar

Colleen Pelar

Podcast Host

Colleen Pelar, CDBC, CPDT-KA

Colleen was pregnant with her first child when she began training dogs. For her, kids and dogs have always gone together—and so many of the strategies used for one group work well for the other too.

Frustrated by the lack of good dog-training advice for parents with young kids, Colleen spent several unsuccessful years trying to talk other dog trainers into writing a book on the topic.

Finally she decided to write one herself. Living with Kids and Dogs … Without Losing Your Mind won the Humane Society of the United States Compassionate Care Award. She followed that up with Kids & Dogs: A Professional’s Guide to Helping Families and Puppy Training for Kids.

Colleen loves learning new things, playing with kids and dogs, and eating chocolate. Not necessarily in that order. Colleen’s websites are and

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