39: Summer Fun for You and Your Dog

June 27, 2017

Picnics and fireworks are great fun for people, but are they really fun for our dogs? This week, Colleen Pelar and Julie Fudge Smith talk about keeping your dog happy, cool, and safe in the sun and water this summer.

Julie’s blog: Summer Fun in the Sun and in the Water (includes information on water intoxication, popsicle molds and more!)

Other information: Heatstroke in dogs, Sunburn in pets, Water hazards, L.L. Bean life jacket for dogs

From Julie:

Sorry no video on making popsicles for your dogs as promised in the podcast. I seem to have misplaced my popsicle mold, and I was really looking forward to the first beefsicles of the year! Here is the link to the mold that I use: Popsicle Mold (and it’s currently on sale!). I substitute raw green beans or carrots for the popsicle sticks so the entire creation is edible. Put about 2 tablespoons of bits of hot dog, peas, shredded carrots, peanut butter, left over chicken, rice, whatever is around the house and safe for dogs, fill with beef stock, add your “stick” and freeze until solid. A great outdoor treat for your favorite pooch!

Little Bear and Zuzu enjoy some ice cubes: